Founded in 1919

Established in 1919, Necchi Sewing Machines has a rich history of providing premium design and reliability to both professional and home-use sewists.


In the early 1920s, seamstresses in Italy had limited options for purchasing sewing machines, often needing to rely on imports from the U.S. or northern Europe. Through the dedication and commitment of its founder, Vittorio Necchi, the Necchi brand flourished. Within a few years, Necchi machines gained popularity not only in Italy but also began to be exported to other parts of Europe and the United States.


Renowned for its innovative design, sturdy construction, and exceptional stitch quality, the Necchi brand has remained a favorite among sewing enthusiasts over the years. Now, it’s poised for a major resurgence, building upon its legacy of excellence to meet the evolving needs of modern sewists.